Prospects and Opportunities
Pakistanis the world's 6th most populous country and Punjab being its most populated province is the investment destination for infrastructure investments.Nearly 73% of the Pakistani population is below 35 years of age, increasingly becoming active income earners of society and expanding the middle income class.Pakistan offers some of the best rates of returns on housing and infrastructure projects (IRR of greater than 20%) as compared to regional peers.

Housing Infrastructure
There is huge demand for housing projects in Punjab.Even Lahore being most developed city in Punjab offers opportunity due to supply demand for housing. Housing shortage is evident from Lahore's statistics where 3.4 persons are living per room, which is higher than India (2.7), Sri Lanka (2.2) and Turkey (1.3). A total backlog of nearly 400,000 units with annual demand of 78,000 houses per year presents opportunities for investment.

Real Estate Development
Lucrative real estate investment opportunities exist in the construction of large-scale multi purpose buildings in Lahore and other major cities of Punjab offering thousands of square feet of area to introduce international chains. Additionally, Government of Punjab is undertaking multi millions dollar Ravi Development Zone Project for the want of urban planning and development.

Transport Infrastructure
Punjab has been insulated from global economic slowdown due to public sector development policies focusing on infrastructure development.This has helped keeping the economic wheel in motion. Many large projects are being undertaken at various zones and industries that provide for opportunities from construction to management.

Zone Development
Special Economic Zone framework offers opportunities for large scale and mega zone development and management at industrial and trade clusters in Punjab.

Incentives & Legal Framework
Projects are available in Punjab under all frameworks depending on need of investor (Public Private Partnerships, Joints Ventures or sole investments).