Punjab: Your Door to Prosperity

Punjab is a land of miraculous capabilities and great opportunities. It has been a hub for regional trade and commerce for over five thousand years. Punjab has attracted interests of foreigners from East and West, serving as a repository of grains, source of spices and trade route.
Punjab’s 150 billion Dollars economy is a vital sign that this province is poised to move in a promising direction. The gifted and the most verdant province nurturing more than 100 million lively people is ready to embrace investors with a futuristic foresight.
This land of enormous opportunities is now moving towards rapid industrialisation, economic growth and ease of doing business. Our government is committed to providing the most progressive policies and regulatory framework, ensuring that Punjab is truly the best place to do business. We are committed to provide state-of-the-art industrial infrastructure, skilled manpower and other necessary resources to make industry of Punjab globally competitive.
Punjab has many advantages to be the best choice you make for landing your precious investment:
  • Strategic Location
  • Robust Economy
  • Skilled Workforce with Cost Advantage
  • Large Domestic Market
  • Pro Investment Incentives
  • Tax Benefits
  • Favourable Demographics
  • Continuous Reform Process
Best Policies
Punjab is continuously emerging as an ideal destination to invest through introduction of most liberal investment policy in the South Asia region that includes:
  • All sectors of the economy are open for investment, unless specifically prohibited or restricted for reasons of national security and public safety
  • Foreign equity investment is allowed up to 100% allowed
  • No permissions requirements from Government for undertaking a business
  • Arbitration Act, 2011, gives right to all investors to approach High Courts for recognition and enforcement of arbitration proceedings
  • Arbitration Agreements & Foreign Arbitral Awards Act, 2011, is also in place
  • Protection of Economic Reforms Act, 1992, that prohibits the government from compulsorily acquiring any foreign, industrial or commercial enterprise established or owned in any form by a foreign or Pakistani investor for private gain in accordance with law. Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Act, 1976 allows foreign investor in an industrial undertaking at any time repatriate in the currency of the country from which the investment originated (including profits & any additional amount)
  • No control on repatriation of profits to the country of principal
  • The facility for obtaining foreign private loans is available to all foreign investors
  • Foreign controlled manufacturing concerns are treated at par with other local companies for obtaining financial facilities for their working capital requirements
  • All major industries can benefit from benefit from Generalized System of Preferences (GSP+) for export to European Union from Pakistan. This status is not available in other peers like India and Vietnam
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZs) offer one-window facilitation services to investors in terms of providing information/facilitating and authorizing investment. SEZs reduce the cost of doing business, enhance productivity and encourage investments